Call for Abstracts

All accepted abstracts will be published online and distributed at the congress.

Moreover, after the end of the congress, an extra issue of The Society of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medicine of Northern Greece online Journal will be published, exclusively devoted to the congress.
All submitted abstracts will be included, as well as articles by the speakers who wish them to be published.

The Greek E-Journal of Perioperative Medicine
(abbr. Greek e J Perioper Med,

ISSN 1109-6888
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  • Fill in the contact information in the submission form. Please make sure the contact information you submitted is correct because it will be used to our further communication.
  • You should state the topic, in which you wish to register the paper. The final selection will be made by the Scientific Committee.
  • Abstracts will be free papers or e-posters. State the presentation type you wish. The final selection of the presentation type will be made by the Scientific Committee.


  • The text should not be more than one (1) Α4 page with page margins in all sides at 2,5 cm and single line spacing.
  • Abstract Title: Arial font in lowercase, size 14 and center alignment.
  • Authors: Arial Font, center alignment in bold lowercase, size 11. The Family name should be first, followed by the first name. The Presenter’s name should be underlined.
  • Institution: Arial Font, center alignment in lowercase italic, size 9.
  • Abstract: Arial Font, Justify alignment, size 10.
  • Research study abstract should have the following structure: Objectives, Materials & Methods, Results, Conclusion
  • Case report abstract should have the following structure: Introduction, Case description, Discussion

The above sections titles should be written in lowercase bold font.

  • Optional bibliography: Up to 3 references in Arial Font, left lowercase alignment in size 9 italic.

The authors are solely responsible for the content and quality of the abstracts, which will be published in the exact form they were sent.

For any further information or changes you wish do not hesitate to contact ERA Ltd at

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